We believe that people like us, need us.

And successful organizations are great because they are driven by purpose, not just profit. They build meaningful relationships, not just audiences, admissions numbers, or analytical reach. And they thrive by surrounding themselves with kindred spirits who help drive them, deliver them, and empower them to be remarkable. 

We partner with passionate and like-minded organizations with hopes and goals for tomorrow and beyond. And we know that our ideas can only be as great as the people for whom we imagine.

Working with 5° will feel like working with trusted friends. Your expertise will be valued, not belittled. Your opinion appreciated, not ignored.


This is the fun part.

The roll-up-your-sleeves and uncap-the-Expo-markers part. Some call it brainstorming, but it’s more than that. It’s dreaming. Together. Dreaming allows us to think outside the norm and confidently reach beyond where we can see. Combine with research—qualitative, quantitative, user personas, site-mapping, competitive analysis—and dreams find their counterbalance in data.


You know what they say about planning.

If you fail to plan, your plan is sure to fail. We believe that dreaming without a goal is just imagination. There has to be a purpose aligned with your perspective. An end-goal. A reason. And this is where the  5° strategic process comes in: brand strategy, creative strategy, campaign strategy, media strategy, social and content strategy — everything grows from a clear-set and clearly communicated plan.


We are builders, not just designers.

We’re not interested in creativity for creativity’s sake. It is only when a clear plan is put in place that we can flex our creativity and help craft a brand you can own. Every institution wants to stand out, be recognized, offer value. But before we put pen to paper, design to deliverables, or content to creativity, we start with a firm foundation of understanding. That’s how meaningful, lasting, beautiful, and real things get built.  


Like a rocket being sent beyond the atmosphere, it’s time to put the hard work to work.

Few get to experience the intense behind-the-scenes efforts it takes to truly and fully communicate the essence of a brand. But what use is all that work if those who need it most miss out entirely because of an unsuccessful launch? This is when the world gets to see, hear, experience, and enjoy the real you. It’s time to launch. Let’s do this.