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Point is a University that has big dreams for the school and more importantly its students. Following a successful campus relocation and institutional renaming, Point sought the help of 5° in launching a new enrollment marketing campaign. The core branding message of "Big Things Today, Bigger Things Tomorrow" recognized the reality of present accomplishment with the promise of continued innovation and has served as the inspiration behind every component of the campaign.

“I enjoyed working closely with 5° on a redesign project for our adult and traditional admissions materials. They took the time to get to know our institution and the similarities and differences between the various program formats we offer. They offered creative approaches that led to amazing finished products! People still ask us all of the time who designed our materials, and we are quick to point them to the folks at 5 Degrees!” — Dr. Stacy Bartlett, Vice President


Undergraduate Admissions

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Acceptance Poster


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