Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College  | Institutional Branding, Admissions

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Midwestern Seminary is moving quickly. A new president, a new vision, and a new approach to the Seminary's brand have reinvigorated the Southern Baptists' seminary in Kansas City and led to record enrollments. Midwestern has rediscovered its core mission, that it exists For the Church. This simple idea drives all that the Seminary does, from academics, to growth, to branding. 

5° met with key leadership to help solidify this position and to develop a supporting brand. The resulting efforts communicate a strength, stability, and relevance that MBTS will be known by for years to come.

Projects included:

  • Tagline Development
  • Corporate Identity 
  • Visual Identity System
  • Institutional Website
  • Presidential Blog 
  • Viewbook
  • Ad Series
  • Wayfinding and Signage
  • Midwestern College Admissions (identity, web, card deck, ads, Accelerate program development)