Does Your Brand Need a 180?

Does your institution's brand need a 180° shift?

Probably not. When evaluating your marketing approach, it’s tempting to think about doing something entirely new. Different. Out-of-the box. Powerful. And yes, likely expensive.

But maybe you’re already closer than you think.

The truth is, when you “do a 180” with your school's brand and marketing components, you may be creating something entirely out of step with your institution. Or even out of step with the reality of the higher ed market.

As an educational institution, you’re competing against similar organizations. You’re not trying to sell an altogether different product, but simply the distinctive way that your school offers the educational experience. It’s a matter of identifying your defining qualities and communicating those well. 

The underlying question: How do you reflect the unique character of your school?

You know your school better than anyone else. The alumni, students, investors, faculty, staff, and administration collectively hold the wisdom about what makes your brand what it is. To unlock that wisdom, it helps to have some outside help—an experienced marketing team that will ask probing questions, discern key perspectives, and assimilate it all to effectively tell your story.

So then, how different will your brand be? The shift should likely be small, not a 180 departure—just a 5° difference. That doesn't mean there's no room for fresh thinking, big ideas, or a bolder visual manifestation of your brand. It simply means through consistent, incremental steps over time, that slight shift will allow you to carve out your own place in a crowded market. Your brand will reflect who you really are, so you’ll be creating something sustainable.

Are you ready for a 5° shift? It may make all the difference. It's why we exist.